Job security expertise

Safety Expertise: duty to protect employees from any and all risks that can happen is given to the employer. This business law “to respect workers’ debt” is called. Accidents can happen when considered the employer of the employees will exceed most of the time information and education will be concerned. In such a situation he has completed training on occupational accidents and falls to the employer to inform legal experts have safety concerns about “workers oversee debt” assist in the fulfillment of n.

Even minor accidents at work should be avoided when pregnant, though the risks that could lead to huge losses. Otherwise, disruptions of production, the formation of the cost of such compensation, the situation will lead to loss of life. These adverse events are no companies, and even employees are not even able to be accepted by the customer to reach production.

Safety Specialist Duties

Business security experts in the identification of hazards, the employer is obliged to provide information in writing about the factors threatening the employees who have ideas about the measures to be taken in order to ensure safety, taking their ideas. Of any fire or explosion may occur to ensure that the measures already taken and should ensure that issues such as natural disasters prepared emergency plan implementation.

Provision of security work and the work environment in the workplace audit results must be recorded by experts, the report must be prepared in conjunction with the occupational physician. All of these studies should be periodically maintained and subject to inspection and maintenance practices should be.

Employees could be related to occupational health and safety staff must be informed about everything. The risk in hazard class to which it belongs revised specialist for a thorough manner and must be digested. The training should be repeated at regular intervals to employees and information activities should be monitored to applied upon the approval of the employer. To prepare the required documents to be used for work permits of employees where necessary, it is also included in the duties of the experts.

Business security experts of their duties, powers and responsibilities are set out in detail in the regulations.


Safety Expert Working Hours Calculator

Safety Specialist Duties, Powers and Responsibilities Concerning Education in the Framework Regulation on occupational safety specialists are served at the times indicated below to fulfill the tasks specified in this Directive:

  1. Located less dangerous in the classroom, at least once a month per employee  10 minutes.
  2. Situated in the dangerous class at least once a month per employee  20 minutes.
  3. Located in a very dangerous class in at least a month per employee  40 minutes

Located less dangerous class in  1000  and more employees in workplaces with at least 1000 employees will work a full day for each job security expert is appointed. Number of employees 2000 Number of floors full consideration of the case is more than the number of employees remaining sufficiently meet the criteria specified in paragraph occupational safety expert appointed as an attachment.

Situated in the dangerous class  of 500  at least one security expert to work full-time job for every 500 employees in establishments and more employees are assigned. Employees of sufficiently meet the criteria specified in the first paragraph taking into account the number of employees is more than the case of the remaining integer multiples of the number of occupational safety expert appointed in 1500 as a supplement.

Located in a very dangerous class  250  for workplaces that are more and more employees to work full-time for each 250 employees work at least one security expert is appointed. Employees of more than 250 the number of integer multiples of the case, considering the number of employees remaining sufficiently meet the criteria specified in paragraph occupational safety expert appointed as an attachment.

Safety Expert Classes on Assignment

6331 Occupational Health and Safety Act according to safety experts in recruitment obligations;  1.07.2020  up to date,  C  -class experts   instead of class specialists,  B  -class experts  to  be appointed instead of class experts.

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